Guidelines For Window Treatment

Dec 5, 2020 Uncategorized

Guidelines For Window Treatment

Choosing the correct window treatment for your window can change the appearance and enhance any room. Before you start choosing fabrics you need to consider your windows, are they small and in proportion to the room they are in, is the view beyond them important, are they architecturally interesting in their own right or awkward and difficult to curtain. Does the room need privacy, is it dark or light. All these things need to be considered before embarking on your choice of fabric.

If the windows are attractive features in a room, every effort should be made to enhance their natural appearance. Curtain poles and tracks should leave enough space at either side of the window so that curtains can be stacked away and not cover any interesting features of the window. Roman Blinds can be used, but again space must be left at the top so that the blind, when raised, is clear of the window. However if roman blinds are set up too high, they may look out of proportion.

Arched or circular windows are usually interesting features in the house and best left. However, if you feel that you really want them curtaining, certain tracks can be bought to echo the shape of an arched window, these can be fixed and the curtains draped apart enhancing the natural shape. Alternatively tracks can be used well above the window so that when the curtains are open, the complete window can be seen. A lambrequin can also be made to the shape of an arched window with a roller or roman blind underneath.

Modern windows are best left simple and uncluttered. Hidden tracks with a pull cord work well. Curtains can be made from a variety of fabrics but should be simply headed and down to the floor. Tafetta, silks and natural weaves lined and interlined with the minimum of fuss look good. When you loved this information along with you want to obtain details regarding goedkope dakkapellen implore you to stop by our own website.

Dormer windows are common but difficult to curtain. Roller blinds are the easiest way to cover them but curtains on rods top and bottom of the window can be used for a softer effect. Perhaps in a child’s room.

Bay windows can look good with Roman blinds as you can get the effect of having the blinds at different heights in different bays. Curtain tracks can also be bought and made to fit around a bay. Valances or pelmets can be used to cover a track. It’s best to have just one pair of curtains that pull back either side rather than having four or five individual drops. The only time this really looks good is when you want to create a dreamy, airy feel to a room where voile could look good split into lengths to echo the shape of the bay. Puddle the lengths on the floor to create this look. You can also have blinds at the window but dress curtains outside the bay. This gives softness to the window. Remember though, dress curtains, although they might never be drawn will look skimpy if you don’t use enough fabric and then the whole effect you’re trying to create will be spoiled.