Reality Spirituality – Home of the Mother

May 14, 2019 Uncategorized

Reality Spirituality – Home of the Mother

Every sincere effort to prioritize divine Love in thinking helps to awaken the sense of home, to the consciousness that is within each one.

Many people emigrate in search of greater possibilities to achieve a happy home. Spain is one of the European countries where more emigrants, especially those from Latin America, Morocco and Eastern Europe, have been looking for this help. Most of them tend to be exposed to obstacles such as loneliness, communication, cultural insertion, the difficulty of finding a job, etc. and they often feel that it is a journey to social exclusion, to the loss of their home and identity.

From the human sense the home represents a material structure, but the construction of a spiritual home goes further, it is a daily process that is built with solid foundations, with spiritual qualities and in reality everything tries to reach the connection with the consciousness of Love.

The best way to really find the home is from a base of love, because in this way although there are storms and strong winds being affirmed in the solidity of a rock, nobody can harm it. It is in that home where we move, we leave our hearts in freedom and where we feel safe.

From a spiritual perspective, the sky can be related to the home.

“And heaven, where is it?” Was the question I asked a few years ago in my class with five-year-old children, two children pointed upwards but one of them said: “Heaven is where God is, God is everywhere, right here. So the sky is everywhere, right here. ”

In the best-selling book Science and Health with the Key to the Scriptures, whose doctrines are elevated and pure, the theologian and metaphysician Mary Baker Eddy relates home to heaven and defines the latter as “harmony; the kingdom of the Spirit; government by the divine Principle; spirituality”. “There is only one way that leads to heaven, harmony, and the Christ in divine Science shows us this way. It is not knowing another reality-having no other consciousness of life-than good, God and His reflection, and rising above the so-called pains and pleasures of the senses. ”

Spiritual qualities such as purity, love and compassion are what open the door to heaven, to the home of the divine Principle.

When I emigrated to Spain many years ago from my country Argentina, I experienced the sensation that wherever you go, you carry the foundations of your spiritual understanding to build the structure of your home. Wherever you go, your home goes with you because your real essence is unalterable and imperturbable.

There is no heaven to find or a home to look for because they are always present. Heaven and home you will find in your elevated state of consciousness!

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