What You Should Know About Hair Loss and Proper Hair Care

Nov 24, 2020 Uncategorized

What You Should Know About Hair Loss and Proper Hair Care

You may be seeing and envying people around you crowned with beautiful lavish hair while you are wondering why yours is getting thinner and receding. Or you’re maybe one of many who spend time each day in front of the mirror worrying and carefully inspecting their hair.

While losing hair is much of a worry for men and women alike, there’s something you should know about the hair cycle and the proper hair care to keep yours healthy thus preventing hair loss. These are the things you should know about hair loss and proper hair care.

Your scalp may contain an average of about 100,000 hairs. It continues to grow for only two to six years and then it falls out and a new hair starts to grow from the same pore. There are 70 to 100 hairs fall out naturally every day.

It is in the resting phase where the hair remains in the follicle until the next growth phase. Awaiting a new hair to grow and pushes the old hair out of the follicle. At any given time, there is 85 to 90 percent of hairs are inactive phase, 10 to 15 percent will be in the resting phase and 1 percent in the transition phase. For more info about Self Hair Care Official Website look at the page.

To keep the normal cycle, the scalp must be taken care of properly. Other than hereditary, factors such as stress, sickness, skin disease, pregnancy, malnutrition and others can disturb the cycle and the scalp may shed hairs before the cycle completes. Thus resulting in hair loss. The new hair may grow but thinner, fine and short-lived and eventually none will grow.

Well, hereditary or not taking care of the scalp is vital to keep the cycle normal. Sufficient nutrition and improving blood circulation to the scalp are essential. Avoid excessive dieting. You are starving your scalp with nutrients. Changing lifestyle also may greatly contribute. Good sleep and stress-free life.

Nourishing with natural herbs and essential oils will keep it healthy. Massage scalp gently using the ball of your fingers carefully. A gentle and relaxing massage can improve blood circulation. Scratching it with your nails will irritate the scalp. So don’t rush. Just relax, close your eyes and massage gently while smelling the aroma of oils. It is not only good for your scalp and hair but relaxes you as well.

Proper combing is also very important. Do not brush your hair with too much force. If you have long hair it is better initially not to brush through from the root to the end. Rather, hold your hair and use the brush to untangle the ends. Then brush the middle to the end and finally let your hair down and slowly brush from the root to the end.